Student Testimonials :

1. Abhishek Sinha

Computer Science And Engineering, Final year(2008-12)

(Student Coordinator)

You can find success with a little hard work and some help from the right source. Microsoft Technology exactly acting as the source. Microsoft in our University not just provided a platform of developing our career but also to define ourself as Unique.

Microsoft helped me by providing many types of developer software like .net,windows phone Sdk and many.....not only the Tools But the most important how to use that tools. Online training sessions help a lot to explore the dynamic use of tools. The certifications of microsoft is mostly in demand now a days in IT sectors.

Also the most important thing that Microsoft provide is the worldwide competitions like MICROSOFT IMAGINE CUP which is world's biggest level IT competition.These types of competitions provide a genuine understanding of Microsoft tools. Really Microsoft bring a great change in my education.

Thank you MICROSOFT !!

2.Shashi Kumar

Computer Science And Engineering, Final year(2008-12)

I was waiting for something different. I was waiting for something more technical, more scientific that would integrate my knowledge into a more scientific & quality program. Microsoft help me to achieve the same. It helps not only in the technical but also in quality view aspect.

Technology which Microsoft have developed is having a great effect in the modern Life. The tools of Microsoft I used is really user friendly and without any help we can Learn these tools.

our college became the part of "Microsoft IT Acadmic program" which really helped us to learn about new technologies and softwares. In Reality Microsoft is making our LIFE simpler , easier & special.

Thanks MICROSOFT for giving us such wonderful opportunity to learn !!